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Market Research and Product Procurement

Research & Procurement

We help our clients identify the best product for import/export in a specific category, and assist them to negotiate and procure that product

Trade Consulting Services

Tarde Consulting 

We help our clients expedite their trade process by providing market-specific knowledge that allows them to navigate the trade eco-system and adhere to compliance requirements

Trade, Import and Export

Import & Export

We provide customized turn-key import/export solutions to our clients based on their needs and help them achieve their trade goals

International trade, import & export


As a full-service international trading company with a global network of resources at our disposal, we have the experience and know-how to support you with your operations. We have assisted businesses with: 


  • Market research and product procurement

  • Manufacturer, vendor, and supplier negotiation

  • Import and export requirements 

  • Pricing and market entry strategy 

  • Logistics and distribution 

  • Local and International business connections 

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Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we know we can only achieve that by providing unmatched trading services to our customers and partners.  

Here is why you would be in good hands if you partner with us for your trading needs:

  • Over 20 years of trade experience 

  • Skilled and knowledgeable experts to provide personalized trade consulting 

  • Customer-centric business with customer-first mentality 

  • Data and insight-driven operations to minimize the risk 

  • Rigorous quality assurance process

  • Scalable infrastructure to meet any trade needs 

  • Robust global procurement and supply chain networks 

  • Established relationship with a global network of reputable businesses, suppliers, and manufacturers 


Trading shouldn’t be that difficult. We assist you with your decision-making process and take care of all the hassles and the headcases of exporting/importing, so you can focus on what is more important to your business. Here is how we can help: 

product identification and procurement

Identify the best markets for your products and/or identify the best products for your market

Market research and consumer insights

Access market research, consumer and trade insights for your desired markets

Import/export compliance

Ensure trade compliances for all your products

trade payment process

Simplify your payment process and logistic needs

acquiring trade permits

Acquire all the permits and properly prepare all the required documents

informed decision making

Make an informed decision on the quantity, quality, and cost of your products 

local and international business relationships and connections

Meet local business connections

market competitiveness

Increase your competitiveness in the market

Trade insights and trade intelligence



Research is vital! Our experienced team conducts comprehensive market research to make sure you don’t take unnecessary risks without knowing the ins and outs of the market.


Quality matter! Every product shortlisted by the Atross team goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to make sure that only the highest quality products are selected and presented to our customers.


Your time is valuable! We have the resources, connections, and infrastructure in place to expedite your trading process without compromising the quality of our work.


We've got you covered! We have a solution for all your trade needs. Whether you need help with research or require a fully customized turn-key solution, our team of trade experts can help. 

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Atross Trading specializes in the field of international export, import, and trade. With offices in Canada and Turkey, we provide import/export services and trade consultancy to a range of industries.

Our wealth of knowledge, trade expertise, and desire to assist companies to achieve their trading goals has enabled us to establish strong partnerships all around the world.

We heavily rely on market research and consumer insight to identify current gaps and needs in a specific market and import only the highest quality products to fill those needs.

We leverage our 20 years of experience and trade expertise, as well as our existing global connections and relationships to help our partners navigate the otherwise complicated trading eco-systems.

We are here to help you minimize your risk, broaden your reach, and get your products on the shelves.


Our dedicate team of experts is here to understand your trade requirements and business objectives and offer you the best solution that enables you to overcome the obstacles in getting your products on the shelves in foreign markets.

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